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Water Skills at Home

More activities to develop breath control with your child

  • Blow floating toys around the bath
    Blow bubbles into the water and make noisy bubbles. Your child will be curious, encourage them to try themselves
  • As your child gains the confidence to encourage them to submerge their mouth and
  • nose, then their whole face (do this before adding soap to the bath).

  • Don’t be in a hurry
  • Make it fun!
  • Show them what to do and they will copy you
  • Smile! Your child will be more confident when you seem confident.

Why is back floating important?

  • Blow floating toys around the bath
    Back floating helps develop balance, stability and relaxation in the water.
  • Back floating is a foundation aquatic skill which young children can practice at home in the bath as well as in the swimming pool.
  • Confidence with back floating helps your child feel comfortable having water in and around their ears and face.
  • Back floating is important for survival.

Activities for back floating in the home:

  • Before your child can sit unsupported, they will enjoy lying on their back in a shallow bath with the water just covering their ears.
  • Older children can lie on their back and practice kicking with their feet.  Support them and lie them back slowly.
  • Talk about the “tickle” they will feel in their ears as their ears go under the water.
  • Try different things that could help them float ie. A ball, milk bottles etc.