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Athlete Leadership Group ALG


We are a Leadership Group made up of current and past Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) members. Our objectives are to enable better communication between our Targeted Athletes, National Squad Athletes and Swimming New Zealand. We hope that through this we can help give athletes what they need to succeed in the pool and post swimming career. We are a mechanism to ensure that our high performing swimmers are being given the best possible chances to succeed as people and as swimmers.

We are interested in constructive ideas to advance swimming in New Zealand, we are not a complaints mechanism to carry forward criticisms about the system or individuals’ issues with the governing body. Our time for this is on a voluntary basis as we are genuinely interested in taking our sport to the next level. 

Why we exist?

Swimming New Zealand recognise an opportunity to better our sport by utilising athletes to provide the information they seek to grow high performance swimming. We aim to bring unity and communication between coaches, athletes and SNZ nationwide. This will allow education, information and resources to be more readily available for swimming in New Zealand. We want to create an open communication channel that athletes and coaches can utilise to share performance enhancing ideas and know they are being listened to.

SNZ want to use athlete’s voices to create sustainable pathways, building the level of professionalism in Swimming whilst ensuring the people involved can grow holistically.


Do you know any of us? Feel free to chat with us and provide your ideas. We will be on pool deck at National meets (of course we might be competing first!)  Our first meet and greet will be at the Short Course Championships in October – more information on where and when will come out soon…

Who are we?

Aquablack 245 LAURA QUILTER - Groups' Convenor

I also enjoy walking with a good audio book or playing the odd game of ultimate frisbee.

Aquablack 269 ZAC REID

I am also a member of the Balckfins team. I am excited to be part of this leadership team to help excel swimming in New Zealand. Being a member of the Aquablacks I feel well equipped to share my knowledge to help others learn and progress with their swimming

Aquablack 253 DANIEL HUNTER

I live and train on the Gold Coast

Paralympian 173 REBECCA DUBBER

I studied communications and now work in Marketing and Communications for the Halberg Foundation. I am also a qualified makeup artist.

Aquablack 231  MATTHEW STANLEY

My hobbies are surfing and cooking and outside of swimming, I'm an owner-operator of a food start-up selling New Zealand style pies in Australia called Cuzzie Pies. 

Aquablack 257  LEWIS CLAREBURT

Being a member of the Aquablacks and winning medals on the international stage I understand what it takes to be competitive. I want to help our community build better equip athletes in and out of the pool to find their own success and achieve their goals.

Aquablack 247 BRADLEE ASHBY 

Im doing my National Certificate in Automotive Engineergint through UNITEC.