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Membership Information

Membership Categories


Competitive swimmer

Swimmers who wish to compete for a club at all swim meets including Swimming New Zealand National Events or Regional Championships.


Club Swimmer

Swimmers who wish to compete for a club at an Inter-Club Meet, Club Championship, Club Night, Time Trial or School Championship.


High School Swimmer
A swimmer who is at High School and is not affiliated to a Member Club but want to compete at a Regional high school or National high school swimming championship


Recreational Swimmer

A swimmer that participates in events such as the Epic Swim or an ocean swim series or trains & swims as a recreation and has an interest in swimming. Recreational Swimmers have the ability to enter local club nights and club championships through the SNZ online entry system.


Masters Swimmer

Swimmers who are over 25 years of age who wish to compete for a Masters Swimming Club at Masters Events


Learn to Swim

A member enrolled in a learn to swim programme within a swimming club or Learn to Swim School. A Learn to Swim member is able to enter club nights and club championship event through the SNZ online entry system.



Coaches who coach clubs or coach Swimming NZ members, Coaches receive membership to NZSCTA** are police vetted and will have access to poolside at all SNZ National Events.


Volunteer Coach

Coaches who coach clubs as volunteers

Volunteer Coaches are encourage to join NZSCTA. When joining NZSCTA all coaches will be police vetted. Volunteer Coaches are not granted poolside access at SNZ National Events. 


Voting Technical Official

Officials who are regionally or Nationally qualified inspectors of turns (and above) & who are members of a Club or have designated a Regional Association to which they are aligned that exercise the right to have a counting vote for a regional association at a General Meeting and in the election of elected board members.


Non-Voting Technical Official

A technical official that does not exercise the right to have a counting vote for a regional association at a General Meeting and in the election of elected board members.


SNZ Life members

Life Members of Swimming New Zealand



Persons who are apart of the executive committee of a club or involved in a club’s day to day running.


Friend of Swimming

Persons such as parents of children, sponsors, etc who do not actively swim but have an interest or are a part of our swimming community.



A person who freely offers to take part in administration or officiating of swimming. This may include people such as parents elected as Team Managers for swimming squads or people who volunteer for a club who aren't part of the executive committee or an official.



National Membership Fees (for 1 July 2019 - 30 June 2020)

Swimming New Zealand Fees (all fees are GST Inclusive)

Affiliation fees are set annually by the SNZ Board, the fees detailed below will apply for 2019/20

Membership Type

Swimming New Zealand Membership Fees

Competitive Swimmer


Club Swimmer


Masters Swimmer




Volunteer Coach


Voting Technical Official



* Includes Awards Levy ($5.50) & NZ Alumni Trust ($1) contribution.

Awards levy contributes to incentive payments for swimmers who:

  1.      Break National Open records, Commonwealth Records or World Records
  2.      Win medals at an Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan Pacific Championships or World Championships


NZ Alumni Trust – www.nzswimmingalumni.org.nz

The trust raises money throughout each year in a number of ways to support budding athletes achieve their international sporting dreams. Sponsorship and funding for individual athletes is tough in New Zealand so we work to support those who are struggling financially to attend international competitions and fund their training commitments.


Regional Associations & Club Fees

Regional Associations and club may also charge an affiliation fee for their members, these fees varies between regions and club.  Members should contact their region and or club for details on any applicable membership fees and their method of collection.

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Or find your nearest club here and Regional contacts here: Regional Associations




All coaches who wish to be on pool side at SNZ competitions must be members of the New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association. NZSCTA Fees are in addition to SNZ Fees. To contact NZSCTA email exec@nzscta.com