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Swimming New Zealand Awards and Honours Nominations

The Awards Committee has the responsibility for evaluating nominations for Life Membership, Honours and Service Awards and making recommendations for awarding them.


How to Nominate:

Nominations for Service & Honours Awards may be made by a Regional Association, or a member club. Life Membership nominations can only be made by Regional Associations.

Nominations must be made using the appropriate nomination forms, shall set out the background of the nominee in support of such nomination, please download and complete the relevant form below. Nominations must be received by Swimming New Zealand no later than 31st July. Nominations can be sent to awards@swimming.org.nz 


Service Award


Honours Award


Life Membership


Nominations Criteria:

Service Award

Active service of an outstanding nature to the sport for a period of not less than 12 years. The Awards Committee may consider a lesser period where Service has been of an exceptional nature at a National Level.


For a period of 10 years service following receipt of a Service Award, providing the person has continued to provide a continuation of outstanding service to the sport. The Awards Committee may consider a lesser period for exceptional service.

Life Membership

The highest award SNZ can bestow on an individual for Service to the sport at National Level. Criteria for Life Membership include but are not limited to the following:

  • Consistency of initiative beyond ordinary and normal.
  • Exceptional Service to the sport over an extended period of an outstanding nature especially at a National Level.

Long service in itself is not a qualification for the Award.