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School Age & Adults Swim Teacher Award


Course content includes

  • The differences and similarities between teaching swimmers of different ages
  • Information on friction, posture and propulsion and how it these affects the school age and adult swimmer
  • Dry land drills to improve flexibility and strokes
  • Recognising and correcting faults in all strokes including starts and turns
  • The principles of teaching and learning for both children and adults
  • The principles of risk management in and around the aquatic environment
  • Planning and conducting a developmental series of swimming lessons in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and  butterfly for school age and adult swimmers

Requirements for Certification

  • Attend one day course and participate in all aspects of the course including pool sessions
  • Complete pre and post course assignments
  • Undergo a practical assesment conducted by a Swimming New Zealand Representative

Pre-Requisite for Course

Hold a current Assistant Swim Teacher Award

Course cost:

$205 (inc GST) (Special discounts apply for Quality Swim Schools)