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Early Childhood Swim Teacher Award

The Early Childhood Swim Teacher Award is for the swim teacher who wants to develop their skills teaching Baby and Pre-school classes.

The course and resources have been developed in consultation with Gill Connell who is recognised world-wide as a leading educational consultant in child development, movement, word study and Perceptual Motor Development (PMP).Supporting the course is the new Reference Manual. This resource has been endorsed by John Bainbridge BA MA (Chairman of the group that wrote the USSSA Infant Certification Course)

“An excellent reference manual for anyone working in early childhood aquatics. The manual is well illustrated and written in a user friendly manner. The chapter on how the brain develops in a young child lays the foundation for this informative text. The bar has been raised… Congratulations Swimming New Zealand and your staff of writers”.








Course content includes


  • Safest practices and attitudes in and around water
  • Progressions
  • Creating the lesson environment
  • Movement development
  • Brain development and language development
  • Vestibular system
  • Sensory development
  • Proprioception
  • Tactile sense and eye-hand/eye-foot coordination
  • Learning through consequence, music/rhyme/song and creativity
  • Imagination, developing self esteem and confidence in the child and parent/ caregiver
  • Active participation of teacher and parent/caregiver
  • Readiness
  • Communication of instructions
  • Te Whariki (NZ Early Childhood Curriculum)
  • Floating and buoyancy and foundation aquatic skills.


To download some great ideas for Early Childhood songs and games click here

Requirements for Certification


  • Attend and participate in the one day course
  • Compete all related assignments and documentation
  • Successfully complete all practical teaching assesments

Pre-Requisite for Course


  • Hold a current Assistant Swim Teacher Award
  • Hold a current First Aid Certificate (US6401 & US6402)


Course cost: $330 (inc GST)

(Special discounts apply for Quality Swim Schools)