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The start of something extraordinary


Kia ora everyone,
Here we go again......
With Saturday nights announcement that Auckland is now at Alert Level 3 and the rest of the county is at Alert Level 2, we need to move immediately as a swimming community to adjust to these new levels for the next week. In Auckland, all pools will be closed so no club training will be possible. Everyone in Auckland should follow the Governments rules relating to level 3, which can be found below.
For those in the rest of the country, you will need to make contact with your facility operator as we found last time we were at Level 2, each operator had their own way of operating under L2.  In summary, L2 requires:
Alert Level 2 (Rest of New Zealand):
Community sports are limited to groups of 100 in a defined space. The 100-person limit includes all players, officials and spectators.  A sports field can have multiple defined spaces by keeping:

  • people in groups of up to 100
  • groups separate either through consistent 2-metre physical distancing when outdoors or barriers.

These groups are prevented from intermingling or sharing common facilities at the same time. Hopefully, most clubs will have L2 operating procedures in place that have been approved by your facility operator from the last time we were at this level so can quickly adjust to operating in this manner. For those that don’t please do not hesitate to contact us at info@swimming.org.nz and we will happily provide advice.
Alert Level 3 (Auckland):

  • stay at home and work remotely if possible
  • schools and daycare only open to children of essential workers
  • travel restrictions with borders around Auckland
  • public venues such as pools and playgrounds CLOSED

Covid continues to through challenges our way but if you continued to show the resilience that you have all shown as a swimming community during the previous lockdowns, then we will bounce back quickly once the restrictions have been lifted.

Nga mihi and Kia kaha,
Steve Johns