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Swimming New Zealand in partnership with New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association will be holding a Teacher of Competitive Swimming Course (TOCS) on Saturday 19th May 2018, at the AUT Millennium, Auckland.

Course Tutor & Gold Coach: Donna Bouzaid.
Course fees: $200 (practical & theory)

On completion, this coach will be qualified to deliver training sessions that develop swimming technique and attitudes of novice and junior swimmers – generally defined as swimmers 12 years and under - who are still acquiring the skills needed to compete successfully.

Coaches at this level are encouraged to work with older swimmers to gain experience with this level as an ‘assistant coach’ under the supervision of a coach with appropriate qualifications.

Please note: TOCS is a pre-requisite for Bronze Accreditation.

Learn to swim programmes are welcome to have their instructors attend a course if they are teaching at a level where children can swim 25m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke.

They can attend the one day practical course and be assessed on the day. This will give them a participation of Teacher of Competitive Swimming Certificate.

If later on they chose to be a coach they can then do the theory component which will give them the full Teacher of Competitive Swimming Certificate.  Course fees: $150 (practical day only)

To complete the award participants are required to:

- Satisfactory completion of workbook, submitted within 6 months of attending the course.
- NZSCTA membership. Have your membership number listed when handing in your information.
- Complete 20 hours of post-course coaching, 5 hours of which working under the supervision of an approved mentor.