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This week 2017 Men's NZ Open Water Champion Matt Scott brings you his best tips on how to prepare for #EpicSwim2018


Trainig in the pool is great to better your swimming ability, however, this is a sheltered and controlled environment and if planning to tackle an open water swim, I'd recommend getting out into the ocean or a lake with other swimmers as much as possible.

This will simulate swimming in a group, chop (different weather conditions) and sighting (checking your surroundings), which will all help you with competing in an open water swim.

Although your training group may not be in the hundreds, such as in a race evironment, getting used to swimming with others in close proximity is extremely important.


Get the whole family along and make it a family bonding event.

Regardless of whether that’s at the pool, beach or a lake, turn it into a competition.

One suggestion is to beat Mum or Dad out to a buoy or specified point in the water.

Make it enjoyable and don’t force it on a family member. Allow them to get comfortable first and then support, rather than push.

Sometimes swimming in open water is a scary thing and everyone should get comfortable with it in their own time.

Have a great time training and I look forward to seeing you at #EpicSwim2018

- Matt Scott.

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For more information and to enter the EPIC swim 2018 click here

Image Credit: Teamline