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MyPage Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look through this section if you have a question about the MyPage, someone may have asked it previously. This section will continue to grow so if there isnt any information that covers your question let us know and we can add it.


I don't have a username or password for my MyPage/ I have forgotten my password or it isnt working?

If you dont have a username or password please contact your club administrator, they will be able to assist in setting you up with the necessary login details.
If you have forgotten your username or password or it isnt working please click on the 'forgotten password' button, this will send an email to you allowing you to reset this.


I have requested a password reset email but i have not received it, what do i do?

If you have not recieved your password reset email within 30 minutes of requesting it check your 'junk' or 'spam' inboxes as your email provider may have filtered it into one of these folders. If it is not in any of these folders contact your club administrator who will be able to manually set your username and password.


When I log into my profile the "MyPortal" section is blank, why is this?

This section becomes blank when you login using an email address as a username if you have a unique username already set up. Use the unique username to login, this should rectify the problem. If this still doesnt work please reset your login details making sure that the username is not an email address.


I have more than one child that swims. I try to log in to their profiles using our email address as the username but encounter problems?

Each profile needs to have a unique username set against it as each profile contains different information. Reset the usernames using the instructions in question one above.


How do I enter a meet?

Follow the instructions found here to enter into a meet.


I have the membership type of 'Club Swimmer', what meets can I enter?

As per the Swimming New Zealand By-Laws 'Club Swimmers' can compete at Club and Inter-Club competitions.


I have the membership type of 'Competitive Swimmer', what meets can I enter?

As per the Swimming New Zealand By-Laws 'Competitive Swimmers' can compete at Club, Inter-Club, Regional and National competitions.


I have previously been a 'Club Swimmer' but now want to change to being a 'Competitive Swimmer', how do I do this?

Contact your club administrator, they will need to change your membership type in the SNZ Database before you can login to your MyPage and pay any relevant fees.


Can a swimmer enter meets using Not-Approved times?

This depends on the conditions of the meet. All national meets require times that have been approved for qualification. Some regions require only approved times to be used for qualification into regional meets and championships. However there is a large amount of meets that don't require approved times to be used for qualification. If you are unsure if your not approved times can be used for qualification contact the organiser of the meet.


How do I withdraw a swimmer from a meet before entries close? How will i go about getting a refund for these withdrawn entries?

Your club administrator has the ability to cancel your entries into a meet, contact them if you need to withdraw before entries close. If you are due a refund (refund policies can vary from meet to meet) contact the organiser of the meet, they will be able to help with providing refunds.


If I have met one qualifying time, can I enter a meet online and then add events in the future if I qualify for additional events?

Yes you can if you enter before the entry close off date. Once you have qualified for these exta events and the results have been uploaded to the database log back into your MyPage and follow the same steps you have previously to enter into extra events.


I have times from a short course meet but they arent coming through as qualifying times for a long course meet (or vice versa) why is this?

This may be due to the qualying type of the meet. Have a look at the meet flyer or contact the meet organiser to ensure that the meet accepts converted times. In certain circumstances only short course times can be used or only long course times can be used which may restirct your ability to enter certain events. 


I am entering into a schools meet, how do I add my school to my profile?

Follow the steps found here to add your school to your profile.


I competed in a meet overseas, why aren't the results showing against my profile?

With many swimmers competing overseas it is not practical for Swimming New Zealand to keep tabs on all swimmers and every meet they enter as entries for certain meets are not done through Swimming New Zealand. Once you have competed in a meet overseas contact Swimming New Zealand requesting that the results be added to the database. They will source the necessary files to add the results to the database.

If you require times from meets overseas to be used as qualifying times for meets in New Zealand make sure you contact Swimming New Zealand well in advance of the meet closing date so there is plenty of time for the result files to be sourced and uploaded to the SNZ Database. This process can take up to a week.


How do I transfer to a new club?

There are a number of ways for you to transfer to a new club.

1. The new club can request your profile to be transferred through the database.

2. The regional administrator can request a transfer to your new club.

3. You can request a trasnfer yourself through your MyPage. Once logged in, in the 'MyPortal' section there is a 'Transfer' button. Click this and follow the prompts to transferring to the new club.


When trying to transfer it does not allow me to, syaing I am still linked to pay for another profile, how can I fix this?

Contact your club administrator, they will need to unlink your profile in the database from ones that pay membership fees for you or from ones that you pay membership fees for.


How do I make myself available to be selected for NZ Representative teams?

Follow the instructions found here to making yourself available.


How do I apply to be a technical official at a meet?

Follow the instructions found here to applying to be a technical official.